Last Friday, the 15th, Black Friday has already started at NoPing. This year the action carries the Cyberpunk theme, with a massive discount coupon and exclusive prizes.

By purchasing any NoPing plan, you can participate in the Cyberpunk 2077 raffle. The game is currently pre-sold and scheduled for release on April 19, 2020. The player will assume the role of V, a mercenary outside. of the law behind an implant that carries the key to immortality.

It’s a story full of action and adventure set in Night City. First announced at E3 2019, Cyberpunk 2077 raised the spirits of players by introducing Keanu Reeves to the cast.



In addition, the giveaway winner will receive 1 steamcard of $ 100! Finally, a 50% off coupon is active with the code “BLACKPUNK”, valid for all plans.


Therefore, to participate in the draw it is important to follow some rules:

1. After purchasing the plan, enter your NoPing email in the Facebook page inbox to validate the purchase.

2. The draw will be held on 12/16/2019.

3. The winner must contact the team via the Facebook page inbox.


The action is valid on December 15th.



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This Tuesday, the 26th, Dota 2 players received the Outlanders update.

Two new heroes arrived at MOBA, these being Void Spirit and Snapfire. Both were first announced during The International 2019, raising expectations among the community.

Void Spirit is an elder able to enter and exit the mortal plane, attacking his opponents in different ways.



However, Snapfire is the result of the union between an elf (Beatrix Snapfire) and a dragon (Toad Mortimer). He is able to perform long range shots that slow his enemies, jump short distances for damage, and perform fire spits.


In addition, the update made major changes to the game. The first of these is the change in Couriers. Therefore, as each hero progresses, each player will have their own delivery boy. Level progression has been increased to level 30, where the skill tree unlocks.


A new building has been added to the map in two places. Called Outpost, the building replaces the Side Shops. Controlling Outpost generates bonus XP for the team both during capture and every five minutes at starting time. In addition, the team receives unobstructed view of the area.


Check out the full patch notes 7.23 on the official website.



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ffxiv patch 5.11

FFXIV received this Wednesday, the 13th, a new patch. After the Vows of Virtue update, Deep of Cruelty Patch 5.11 brings a new raid, as well as content targeting Ishgard Restoration.

Being a new gameplay mechanic, Ishgard Restoration focuses on rebuilding Holy See of Ishgard after numerous damage. Thus, players from different servers must unite to restore the Firmament. The content is mainly directed to artisans and collectors.


The biggest highlight of this update revolves around the mount. Although Square Enix has not revealed further details about the mount, dataminers have found it to be a Ufiti. This is nothing more than a gorilla that carries the player in his hands.

Titled “The Epic Alexander”, the new FFXIV raid has an ultimate difficulty level. That is, it is intended for the most skilled players within the game.



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lost ark holy knight

A new class will soon arrive at Lost Ark in South Korea. Four months after Assassin’s release of MMORPG, Smilegate announced the Holy Knight class.

According to the developers, the fourth class of the Warrior archetype will be able to harness the power of light to support allies and cause damage. In addition, Holy Knight will have an unusual combination of weapons consisting of a long one-handed sword and a holy book.

The new class has divine and Ulta abilities. Through “Divine Protection,” Holy Knight will be able to generate a sacred shield to protect both close allies and himself.


lost ark


To deal damage to enemies through the “Celestial Blessing” ability, the class can summon a light keeper. The player can change the effect of this ability, reducing damage taken and increasing attack speed. In “Judgment of Alysanos”, all enemies around the class will take damage.

Therefore, through the description provided by Smilegate, Holy Knight will be a universal class. That is, it is capable of dealing damage in the short, medium and long range, and has the ability to defend allies and attack enemies.

Further information from the class will be released on November 13 through a trailer. Holy Knight will be released to Lost Ark KR on December 4th.


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