A new class has been announced for Aion Online. According to developer NCSOFT, the class will be called Vandal.

In addition to disclosing his name, the class came with a presentation trailer filled with important information. At first, the class may be compared to Assassin and Gunslinger, known to cause damage.



As such, Vandal will be another addition to the MMO turned to be a DPS. However, buffs and debuffs are some of the features that set it apart from other classes.

Vandal comes out to Aion Online this Wednesday, the 21st. For players who log in to the game on this date, some special items will be granted.


Do not allow the lag to be the vandal of your departure. Use NoPing and keep your game low with ping.

Try it for 7 days for free and check out the plans.


Posted by Livia Dias

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