With the beginning of July, news has arrived for Albion Online. Players will receive new rewards and challenges in the coming days.

Players who love adventure can access the Undead Challenge. This consists of chests filled with collectible items available to players. In this way, it will be possible to unlock these chests when conquering points in activities.

This July, the challenge introduces players to a spooky mount called Spectral Boar. In addition, a new wave of avatar will be available to players who accumulate enough challenge points.


Players are expected to meet goals to win the Undead Challenge chests on a weekly basis. In Albion, it’s possible to conquer challenge points by performing activities such as fishing, collecting, cultivating, and killing monsters.


Finally, a new season of nominations is open in Albion. Thus, by indicating friends, the player is entitled to three rewards: a Recruiter’s Beer Mug, a Recruiter’s Stack of Volumes (worth a total of 100,000 Fame), and a Recruiter’s Giant Toad.



Explore the factions of Albion and fight against powerful enemies. Go through wars and reach peace with reduced ping, no lag and disconnects in your online match.




Posted by Livia Dias

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