Battle Royale Naraka: Bladepoint chega oficialmente para PC na Steam

Inspired by Chinese mythology, Naraka Bladepoint officially arrives on Steam on August 11th (Wednesday). The Battle Royale developed by 24 Entertainment already had the success it is gaining based on its latest beta test, at the time the game had more than 1 million simultaneous players and competed in the top 5 of the most played on the Steam platform.

Naraka Bladepoint was developed with scenarios and characters 100% designed in Chinese culture, the purpose of the game is to be the last survivor on the island of Morus with 60 players. The confrontation and the quest for victory take us back to popular games like Free Fire and Fortnite, in addition, Naraka has elements of movie that covers an even larger audience.

The great difference of the game is in the combat modes and the weapons used, as the great news of the official version, the fire chainsaw and the dagger that complete the new style of the heroine Yoto Hime. Another point to be highlighted in the gameplay are the characters’ hooks and parkour, they all have both abilities and can be used on anyone and anywhere.

When analyzing the feedback from internet users, there is a high rate of complaints in relation to servers in Naraka, with the highest peak being Brazilian and Australian. So, at this moment, the game stands out positively for its graphics and innovation, but it lacks connectivity.

With the removal of the SA server that was available in the beta version, some players including Brazilians had to migrate to NA and face a sloshed game with ping ranging from 140 – 190 ms, resulting in a refund request. To date, the values ​​for purchasing the game range from R$80.00 to R$210.00 on Steam.


Como instalar Lost Ark o mais novo MMORPG da Smillegate

Durante a Summer Game Fest 2021 Lost Ark foi anunciado para o ocidente sem data de lançamento marcada porém com a previsão para o segundo semestre de 2021. A noticia agradou o público e fez com que a novidade se espalhasse rapidamente, porém, na mesma proporção em que Lost Ark conquistou os holofotes os usuários começaram a questionar a decisão do IP BLOCK e cobrar um posicionamento da Amazon Games e Smilegate.

Foi pensando nisso que nós do NoPing separamos essa matéria pra você pois além de melhorar o seu Ping e o FPS durante os jogos possuímos a tecnologia de quebra de IP BLOCK, ou seja, você pode jogar qualquer jogo online do mundo !

Confira agora o tutorial que fizemos para você de como instalar o MMORPG.

IMPORTANTE: Para compreender as informações do site e efetuar seu cadastro,
utilize o plugin Google Translate para que assim seja possível traduzir as páginas do site.

1. Entre no site:
2. Clique no botão “Registrar Agora”

3. Aparecerá uma mensagem apresentando os meios para criar sua conta. É possível se registrar no jogo
através do
4. Para efetuar o cadastro através do, clique no botão.

5. Clique no botão Criar Conta.

6. Preencha os dados solicitados.

7. Clique em criar e aguarde alguns instantes para que o SMS chegue ao seu celular com o código de
8. Adicione o código do SMS.
9. Pronto, você criou sua conta.


Para se conectar no jogo com IP russo e ter o máximo de otimização ao jogar o MMORPG, siga os passos

1. Abra o launcher do Lost Ark RU. Aguarde as atualizações terminarem e o botão ficar disponível para

2. Em seguida, efetue o download do NoPing no site:
3. Após o download, abra o NoPing e clique no botão para ter acesso ao teste gratuito

4. Faça o seu cadastro e pegue seus dias grátis.
5. Volte para o NoPing, faça seu login e em seguida busque por Lost Ark RU e selecione a opção Escolher

6. Uma nova tela irá surgir, agora clique no botão “PING”, com isso você vai ter o resultado de ms em
cada servidor.

7. Selecione o servidor com o menor MS e em seguida clique em “Otimize este jogo”

8. Aguarde o botão de Desconectar aparecer.

9. Para checar se está funcionando corretamente, após fazer a conexão no seu jogo, volte para a tela do NoPing. No canto direito das estatísticas o nome do seu jogo e o ping do mesmo deverão estar aparecendo.

10. Caso sinta instabilidade em seu jogo, utilize os servidores da aba Others.

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade opens next Week!

The Black Portal will open again in 7 days! In one week, players will have the chance to once again enter one of the most important worlds in the MMO universe. THE BURNING CRUSADE was the World of Warcraft first expansion, launched in 2007. Blizzard will relaunch the expansion in the system known as World of Warcraft Classic. Players who never played in 2007 and veterans will once again be able to venture into Outland and find out why TBC is still considered one of the best Warcraft expansions today.

To play TBC you only need an active World of Warcraft subscription.

Try 7 days free and check oour plans.

Phantasy Star Online 2 NEW GENESIS Closed Beta Next Month!

Kakao Games confirmed the start date  of the Closed Beta of one of the most anticipated MMOs of the year, NEW GENESIS. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is the new edition of the classic MMO, with updated engine, graphics – a new MMO.


Start Date: 05/14 10:00 PM (America/Sao_Paulo)

End Date: 05/16 11:00 PM (America/Sao_Paulo)

Platform: Windows 10 PC (Microsoft Store)

Registration Starts: 04/21 02:00 PM (America/Sao_Paulo)  via the Xbox Insider Hub App


Try it for 7 days for free and check out the plans.

Final Fantasy XIV Release Patch 5.5 New Raid, Dungeon and Much More!

The week started with lots of news for all Final Fantasy XIV fans! Today, tuesday, Square Enix relased Patch 5.5 Death Unto Dawn, the last major content patch before the next expansion. Death Unto Down will continue the main story, a new Dungeon and the last part of the Nier Automata Raid and much more!

Enjoy FF XIV for free and with the lowest ms using NOPING!


Teste por 7 dias grátis e confira os planos.



Over the past week, Gamigo, developer of Archeage and Archeage: Unchained unveiled a new expansion entitled Garden Of The Gods.

On their new journey, players will face a mystical world, full of engaging missions, great treasures and dangerous enemies. To begin with, 59 missions will be available, which will provide a broad understanding of the Archeage universe.

According to Gamigo, Garden of the Gods will be a major challenge for players, raising the level of difficulty. To survive in this expansion, you will have to face extremely powerful enemies and exciting attacks.

Another novelty is the arrival of a pet called Brown Shiba Inu for everyone who arrives at Garden of The Gods. The reward has been available since May 14th.

The official launch of the expansion has been confirmed for June 11. However, the developer will release news until the launch of the expansion.


Build your world in Archeage Unchained, yet don’t let lag dominate.

Try it for 7 days for free and check out the plans.


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