ESL ONE COLOGNE: FURIA is eliminated from the CS: GO championship!


During the game on Wednesday 03, the FURIA team was eliminated from the ESL One Cologne. Playing against Na’Vi, the defeat succeeded with the final score of two maps to zero.

FURIA secured good results, being level with one of the biggest teams in the world. However, the Brazilian team failed to win. Although the team selected the map to start the game, the game did not meet expectations.




With an eight-round sequence, the European team Na’Vi dominated the first map. FURIA looked for the recovery, but from the first moment, the score finished in 16×12.

Already in the Overpass, map selected by Na’Vi, the Brazilian team remained balanced with its opponent. However, as in the first map, FURIA received a succession of defeats before reacting. The game ended with a score of 16×14, eliminating the championship team.




The ESL One Cologne started on Monday, 02, in the city of Cologne, Germany. The championship will be played at Lanxess-Arena and has a total prize pool of $ 300,000. The grand finale will be on Sunday, July 7th. With the elimination of FURIA and MIBR, the tournament will continue without Brazilian representatives disputing the grand prize.



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CS:GO: ECS Season 7 Finals Have Teams Confirmed

ECS Season 7 Finals have the teams confirmed. This Tuesday, the 28th, the international tournament of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, confirmed the participation of two Brazilian teams among the groups.


Group A consists of Ninjas In Pajamas (Sweden), NRG (North America), Astralis (Denmark) and finally the Brazilian team, FURIA.

In a developmental trajectory, in the tournament FURIA will have on its way Astralis, a team recognized worldwide as the best and the Ninjas In Pajamas, team experienced in the competitive scenario.



In group B, the MIBR is together with North (Denmark), Vitality (France) and compLexity (North America). The Brazilian team excels in the country, and although it has not won any title this year, it guaranteed the second place in the last season of the championship.

The ECS, an international tournament for CS: GO, will take place in London between June 6 and 9. The season 7 finals has a total prize pool of $ 500,000.


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Every year during May, Overwatch celebrates with its players its launch time. Last Tuesday, May 21, Blizzard Entertainment announced the beginning of the Overwatch Anniversary, which will occur until June 10.

Celebrating three years of release, Overwatch has made available six new legendary and three epic skins, as well as releasing sprays and dances for the characters Baptiste, Ashe and Wrecking Ball.


Also, from the first day of Overwatch’s Birthday, the game is free for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and will remain free until May 28. Even if the player has not bought the game and wants to purchase items, skins and levels in the game, it will be possible to keep the acquisitions saved in the account.

Belonging to the FPS genre, Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person action game developed by Blizzard. The game gives players the ability to perform missions in a cooperative system, assuming the identity of a diverse cast of heroes.


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To commemorate the 15 years of World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced to the MMO players the Classic version. If you are having high ping problems and want to prepare for this launch without delays and disconnects in the game, take a look at the tips below:



1. Open the Windows Start menu and type “cmd”

2. Type “ipconfig” and then press enter.

3. Then save the IP number

4. Then type in the next cmd “ping” + your IP number



If there are too many open programs on your computer, this can lead to poor game performance. Take a look at the Task Manager and review the applications that are consuming your computer’s RAM. Close any programs that are running unnecessarily.



Use a cable connection so that you are directly connected to your modem. Being connected via wireless can cause delays on your gameplay.



If the previous step didn’t do any positive change in your lag issue, you would need the help of a GPN. NoPing is a software that has advanced support for World of Warcraft since its launch. With many servers worldwide, NoPing creates the best route for you so that you can have a better ping. You can enjoy the best route and with greater security in your gameplay.


NoPing has a fantastic tool that if for some reason the current route you’re using disconnects, it will automatically replace with the best alternative route so that your World of Warcraft experience is not interrupted abruptly by disconnects.


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On the morning of last Thursday, the 9th, Epic Games released for the players the ninth season of Fortnite, adding content and geographic changes on the map, and presenting a new theme.

Over the past few months, the battle royale has carried a pirate universe in its eighth season, challenging its players with pirate bases, battles, and specific events that set off the end of the stage.
With the launch of the ninth season, maps with a futuristic theme completely changed the look of the game, giving players new skins to customize their characters in this universe.



The modes, Save the World and Creative Mode have gained significant content additions: the first mode has added players the ability to test their defenses on the Weatherproof Shield, and the second allows the player to build their own Neo Tower using in-game pre-structured sets.

Another novelty that was announced by Epic Games this season was the Fortbytes. There are 100 chips made available daily on the map for the player, which brings together rewards and fundamental parts of the story of this ninth season.




Fortnite Season 9 is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can play the mobile version on mobile phones on Android and iPhone (IOS).


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