This Thursday, the 16th, Z8 Games announced the end of the Brazilian Dragon Nest servers. Being the administrator of the servers of the game in Brazil, the company informed the players that the dismissal is scheduled for June 14th. On its official website, Z8 Games stated that while it struggled to keep the game in […]

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How to fix: ArcheAge lag


About ArcheAge Before talking of ArcheAge lag, let’s understand a little more about the game. Having its release in 2013 in Korea, ArcheAge is an MMO “sandpark”, which means that its content is an open world sandbox, but with a gaming structure with the experience of a theme park. ArcheAge is beloved by many players […]

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How to fix: Blade and Soul lag

With a loyal and active community, the South-Korean MMO from the same producer as Guild Wars still has a lot to offer its players. Now that Blade and Soul brings new specializations for its classes, Blade and Soul lag must be a priority for the players. One of the reasons Blade and Soul high lag […]

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