These Are The Best Dead Island 2 Weapons

Dead Island 2 has finally arrived on PS5, and players are already gearing up to take on hordes of undead and complete side quests. But to survive in the zombie apocalypse, you need to have the best weapons at your disposal. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on the best weapons, side quests, and gameplay mechanics that will help you stay alive.
The first tip is to make use of firearms, which are much more effective than melee weapons in taking down larger groups of zombies. Shotguns and assault rifles are particularly useful for this, but make sure to conserve ammo as it can be scarce.
In addition to firearms, you’ll also want to have a reliable melee weapon for close-quarters combat. Knives and machetes are great for this, as they can be used to quickly dispatch individual zombies without expending ammo. However, be aware that these weapons can degrade over time, so make sure to repair or replace them when necessary.
Another important tip is to complete side quests whenever possible. These quests not only provide valuable rewards and experience points, but they also add depth to the game’s story and world-building. Plus, completing side quests can often lead to discovering new weapons and upgrades.

When it comes to gameplay mechanics, it’s important to keep an eye on your ping and latency. High ping and latency can cause lag and disconnects, making it difficult to play the game smoothly. That’s where NoPing comes in – it’s a software solution that reduces ping and latency, increases FPS, and solves packet loss and jitter issues. With NoPing, you’ll be able to play Dead Island 2 and other online games without experiencing any of these common connectivity problems.

In conclusion, Dead Island 2 is a thrilling game that offers a lot of exciting gameplay and story content. By following these tips and using NoPing to improve your connection, you’ll be able to get the most out of the game and survive the zombie apocalypse with ease.

Lost Ark – Release records peak of 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam.

Developed in 2019 in South Korea by Smillegate and published by Amazon Game Studio, Lost ark is a free to play action MMORPG that has been gaining more and more space in global territory. The game arrived in the South Korean region in late 2019 and in February 2022 it was finally released in Latin America and Europe.

The official announcement with the release date in Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania was released during a TGA 2021 presentation where Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG confirmed the date for February 11, 2022 and early access with the purchase of Founder’s Pack starting February 8.

The story revolves around the world of Arkesia, a realm where fantasy and mystery are prevalent. Playable individually or with friends, Lost Ark currently features 15 classes: Artillerist, Berserker, Sorceress, Paladin, Gunlancer, Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, Soulfist, Gunslinger, Deadeye, Sharpshooter, Bard, Shadowhunter or Deathblade, and the choice is key to defining your fighting style during battle.

Lost Ark arrived recently and the numbers that the game has been presenting are amazing. According to Steam DB, on February 12, Lost Ark recorded a peak of 1,325,305 simultaneous players on Steam, with this, Lost ark becomes the second game with the highest peak of simultaneous players, behind “PUBG: Battlegrounds” which recorded the mark of 3,257,248 in January 2018 and in front of Dota 2 which has already recorded 1.29 million simultaneous players.

Available only for PC, the MMORPG suffered a delay of hours announced minutes before launch, on Friday (11) the official twitter account of Lost Ark made an official statement informing the occurrence:

Even before its official launch, 530,000 players got the first-hand experience thanks to the Founder’s Pack and with this record we could already predict a high number of players and consequently crowded servers and queuing to log in. With that, the company issued a statement during Sunday night (13) about the new European region update:

It’s common for big releases to arrive hyped, the likelihood of crowded servers and instability during the first few hours of gameplay is high and that’s why a VPN can help you.during and after launch! NoPing has over 1500 servers, support for over 1000 games and the BOOST FPS function that increases your fps during the game. Don’t waste time and try it right now for 7 days for free.

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How to improve New World performance

With 700,000 concurrent players and officially declared the most played game of 2021 on Steam, New World is breaking all barriers and surprising audiences who have waited so long for Amazon Games’ MMO.

Within 24 hours of its official launch, New World has broken the record previously held by Valheim, which recorded 502,000 concurrent players in February 2021 on Steam. In addition to the new record broken, New World also broke the Twitch TV platform where it reached over 970,000 simultaneous viewers.

The success was expected by both the distributor and the fans who have been waiting for the game for more than a year and that during development was postponed 3 times in search of improvements in gameplay, thus making the anxiety for the final result get bigger and bigger. In addition, expectations were created from the success that the closed beta did on July 20, surpassing 200,000 players on Steam.

With the popularity up there, New World presented failures in connectivity and queues with players waiting for a server, the official account of the game has spoken giving the welcome to players and informing to be aware in relation to the problem presented, check out:

Greetings, Adventurers!

All regions are now live! It has been an unbelievable 24 hours and the support for New World that we’ve seen so far has been incredible. We understand that some players are experiencing lengthy queue times and we are working hard on a few things to help address these issues. We are continuing to stand up additional servers and will expand the capacity of our existing servers once we have properly tested these changes.

Our sole focus right now is to get everyone logging in and playing quickly. To ensure everyone can find an open world now, while also finding a home in Aeternum with their community long-term, we’ll offer an opportunity in the next two weeks for all players to relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost. We appreciate your patience as the New World community grows and encourage you to solidify your long-term server plans for you and your Company.


This way, NoPing has separated for you a tutorial on how to install the newest MMORPG that is conquering players all over the world! Check out the step by step

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3- With the new screen open, click on the button next to “PING” to generate the best ms results on each server.

4- Select the server with the lowest ms and click “Optimize this game”.

5- The selected server receives a flag beside and automatically appears the button “Disconnect”, after making the connection in the game back to the screen of NoPing and note that automatically will appear in the right corner of the statistics the name of the game and its ping.

6- If you experience instability in the game, click on “Premium Servers” and select “Others Servers”.

7- To further optimize, select the gear in the upper right corner.

8- A new settings screen will appear, on this screen you can enable and disable optimization tools to improve your game.

9- Leave enabled the “Boost Fps” and “Turbo Games” options.

There you go, you are now ready to experience the world of Aeternum with the best ping on the market! Open the game again and notice the improvement after the changes, good gaming, and see you next time!

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Battle Royale Naraka: Bladepoint chega oficialmente para PC na Steam

Inspired by Chinese mythology, Naraka Bladepoint officially arrives on Steam on August 11th (Wednesday). The Battle Royale developed by 24 Entertainment already had the success it is gaining based on its latest beta test, at the time the game had more than 1 million simultaneous players and competed in the top 5 of the most played on the Steam platform.

Naraka Bladepoint was developed with scenarios and characters 100% designed in Chinese culture, the purpose of the game is to be the last survivor on the island of Morus with 60 players. The confrontation and the quest for victory take us back to popular games like Free Fire and Fortnite, in addition, Naraka has elements of movie that covers an even larger audience.

The great difference of the game is in the combat modes and the weapons used, as the great news of the official version, the fire chainsaw and the dagger that complete the new style of the heroine Yoto Hime. Another point to be highlighted in the gameplay are the characters’ hooks and parkour, they all have both abilities and can be used on anyone and anywhere.

When analyzing the feedback from internet users, there is a high rate of complaints in relation to servers in Naraka, with the highest peak being Brazilian and Australian. So, at this moment, the game stands out positively for its graphics and innovation, but it lacks connectivity.

With the removal of the SA server that was available in the beta version, some players including Brazilians had to migrate to NA and face a sloshed game with ping ranging from 140 – 190 ms, resulting in a refund request. To date, the values ​​for purchasing the game range from R$80.00 to R$210.00 on Steam.



apex legends season 4

Apex Legends season 4 is available! This Tuesday, the 4th, Respawn Entertainment started a new season of Apex Legends. Season 4 evolved both on maps and in-game items.

To begin, players will explore a new map entitled Confins of the World. This is full of cracks and lava caused by the quakes of a Hammond Robotics tractor.

In addition, through the Battle Pass, more than 100 exclusive items will be available to players. Legendary skins, loading screens and Apex packages are some of the numerous items that will be made available to the public.



Another novelty is found in the Sentinel. The new weapon is a sniper rifle with a special mechanical charge, which gives players the freedom to customize their shots.

The Ranked 3 series will take players to hone their skills for three months. This will be a series divided into two, each containing a soft reset. For players who are moving up the competitive ranking, a new level between Diamond and Apex Predator will be introduced: the Master Level.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale available for PS4, PC and Xbox One. However, according to EA, a mobile version is confirmed for the game.

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ffxiv patch 5.11

FFXIV received this Wednesday, the 13th, a new patch. After the Vows of Virtue update, Deep of Cruelty Patch 5.11 brings a new raid, as well as content targeting Ishgard Restoration.

Being a new gameplay mechanic, Ishgard Restoration focuses on rebuilding Holy See of Ishgard after numerous damage. Thus, players from different servers must unite to restore the Firmament. The content is mainly directed to artisans and collectors.


The biggest highlight of this update revolves around the mount. Although Square Enix has not revealed further details about the mount, dataminers have found it to be a Ufiti. This is nothing more than a gorilla that carries the player in his hands.

Titled “The Epic Alexander”, the new FFXIV raid has an ultimate difficulty level. That is, it is intended for the most skilled players within the game.



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Posted by Livia Dias



New karma in Kurtzpel is released. During the last Wednesday, 09th, content updates were applied to the game, involving new missions and new mechanics applied to the game.

Titled “Holy Guardian”, the new karma will be delivered to players interacting with their respective NP. Also, karma will be distributed by Lime.


The most assiduous players who closely follow KOG Games have recognized Lime for its paladin theme, characteristically being a cute and naive character present in GrandChase.


Therefore, it is remarkable that the Holy Guardian is a karma that can completely change Kurtzpel. Offering strength, healing, and shielding skills, this is the first karma that provides the supporting role. The new class can be purchased from Steam or for free through Chase Points and Skill Points. Thus it is possible to buy karma within the game.



Three new missions involving Lime are available. Purchasing the Holy Guardian Starter Pack, players will be able to complete all three quests and play for additional rewards such as Karma Crystals.

Also, a Field of View Adjustment has been inserted into the game. This will allow players to gain an enhanced Kurtzpel experience. Another acquisition was the new accessories distributed to all PVE Bosses within the game.

After a period of testing on a closed server and receiving feedback from players, the game development team also applied massive balancing.



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UPDATE v10.30


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