This Friday, the 05th, KOG announced to Kurtzpel a new Karma. Entitled “Dual Soul”, this is an important addition to the MMORPG.

Players will have access to the “Dual Soul Beginner Pack,” which releases three missions directly linked to both Kien on the Mission Map and the Vanguard Twin Swords item. The new Karma possesses abilities that stand out for the player: besides being astute and fast, it manages to make offensive attacks of short distance.

It will be possible to acquire Karma through Steam or through scores. By winning certain Chase Points and Skill Points, players can buy the Dual Soul for free.



The CEO of KOG Games emphasized the importance of the players in this early phase of Kurtzpel. According to him: “We are listening to your feedback and believe that this update will bring several very positive changes.”

In addition to Karma, other additions have been implemented. A new DLC from the Visual Set ‘Yaksha Guardian’, a new PvE mission, plus a Deathmatch Map and a new Friends System.

Kurtzpel is a third-person MMORPG developed and distributed by KOG Games. The game is differentiated by the Anime Style and the development being carried out by the same creators of GrandChase and Elsword.



Have fun in Kurtzpel without lag and disconnects interfering in the best moments of your gameplay.

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Posted by Livia Dias

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