This Wednesday, the 11th, Riot Games released a trailer with the Star Guardians. After leaking a bit of the video, the developer released the full animation.

In the course of the animation, the highlight is Neeko, who faces Zoe, Xayah and Rakan. These, in turn, are on the dark side, corrupted by Zoe. Therefore, the skins of this year will have a darker tone.

Thus, Zoe will be the representation of the “dark force”, and may corrupt the characters. Meanwhile, Xayah and Rakan will receive darker coloured skins, representing their corrupted side.



Remember that the previous year the Guardians received pyjama skins, which embodied a style that contrasted with the journey of the characters.

The Star Guardian’s line of skins is one of the best selling in League Of Legends. Players can now purchase the new editions from the official game server.


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Posted by Livia Dias

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