Update 5.5 Archeage

The 5.5 release was announced by Gamigo Group this week. The update of Echos Of Hiram will continue the plot begun in November through Relics Of Hiram.

Players will be able to explore in greater depth a new region within the game, titled Eastern Hiram Mountains. In addition, Glorious Hiram Guardian and Radiant Hiram Guardian, new level 4 arts, are new to this update.



Archeage – Echos Of Hiram will receive quests, monsters and upgraded equipment. Gamigo Group presented in an official statement the synopsis of this update:

“For centuries, the path to the eastern mountains of Hiram has been covered with snow, blocked by a strong winter storm. The Gamigo group is pleased to announce that the adventurous adventurers of the MMORPG fantasy of ArcheAge can once again travel in safety through these historic lands, following in the footsteps of legendary heroes.The Erenor fighters can explore beautiful landscapes and unravel the history of an ancient Hiram ritual on their way. his reasons for occupying this forgotten part of Auroria and many perils await those who try to go beyond them. “



The 5.5 update of Archeage – Echos Of Hiram is now available on both Steam and the official MMORPG website.



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Posted by Livia Dias