Last Tuesday, the 27th, Epic Games introduced changes in Fortnite involving Turbo Building.

These modifications altered the way the building was made, turning specifically to the matter of time. From 0.05 seconds changed to 0.15 seconds.

According to the developer, problems such as wall theft, structure spam and lack of strategy at the time of construction would be eliminated.

The community considered the change made by Epic negative. Streamer Ninja has commented on the change, suggesting to his audience not to play the battle royale for two weeks.



“Even if we ran out of games I don’t think Epic would reverse the changes, but it would be an interesting test. Imagine Pro Players not participating in the Grana Championships for just a week. Imagine every Fortnite streamer with over 2,000 spectators saying ‘Let’s not play or stream for two weeks’ ”.


In addition to Ninja, other streamers like Tfue and NickMercs have expressed dissatisfaction with system changes.

In this way, Epic Games decided to roll back the update on Wednesday, the 28th. However, other changes implemented remained as wait about 0.15 seconds to put buildings in place of destroyed structures and remove one of the players if both try to build in the same place at the same time.


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Posted by Livia Dias