End of Pleasant Park in Fortnite? The Fortnite Winter Festival has come to an end. However, Battle Royale players and fans have noticed map changes involving the Pleasant Park.

Epic Games is commonly known for implementing clues in their maps and game updates. This time, with the end of the festival on the Chapter 2 map, the snow melted, revealing the Dusty Pleasant Park.



Pleasant Park is full of dust in Fortnite Chapter 2
Pleasant Park is full of dust in Fortnite Chapter 2



Thus, players began to consider the end of the Pleasant Park next season. The Fortnite developer did not comment on the case. There is a possibility that this is a visual bug, as not all players have come across the dirt-covered park.

Either way, the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is nearing its end. Therefore, it would not be uncommon for a sudden change in the map to occur. The new season will arrive at the battle royale in mid-February.



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Posted by Livia Dias