Following the tradition, Epic Games released images of new season Fortnite, as well as a teaser filled with references. From this, players have developed some theories since the beginning of the week, involving the return of old skins.

Given the material released by the developer earlier this week, it was possible to recognize Drift, an old skin, apparently modified.



In addition to this, another image with the message “Look ahead” featured subtle references to a skin that was present during the fourth season.


To raise the anxiety of players, this Wednesday, the 31st, a teaser released by the developer confirmed some theories. References to events from previous seasons, as well as various themes,  are covered during the teaser, leading to the belief that old skins will be back, as well as another break from space-time.


The tenth season of the Fortnite officially begins this Thursday, the 1st, and is followed by an update.

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Fortnite received a content update on Tuesday, the 2nd. Epic Games has released the news that is in this update through an official note. Below are some key changes in gameplay.

For a start, Battle Royale received an SMG in the patch. The weapon will be available in the Common, Uncommon and Rare variants. According to Epic Games, the SMG is potent in close combat.


Another notable change is the team system. Currently, 4 Heat Spotlights will be generated so that the same amount of players are present on each side in the mode with large teams. Epic Games has notified that this is a temporary fix, while the company sets the best way to achieve the goal.

In addition, players will notice other changes in the Fortnite. There will be limited mode rotation, consisting of two new modes: Solid Gold (dual gameplay) and Squadrons (melee combat with jetpacks and shotguns).



New Ground Floor and Terra Mina will be part of Creative Mode. The first one will allow the player to alter the floors of their creations to achieve the right level. The second will lead the player to create their own mine to explore.


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On the morning of last Thursday, the 9th, Epic Games released for the players the ninth season of Fortnite, adding content and geographic changes on the map, and presenting a new theme.

Over the past few months, the battle royale has carried a pirate universe in its eighth season, challenging its players with pirate bases, battles, and specific events that set off the end of the stage.
With the launch of the ninth season, maps with a futuristic theme completely changed the look of the game, giving players new skins to customize their characters in this universe.



The modes, Save the World and Creative Mode have gained significant content additions: the first mode has added players the ability to test their defenses on the Weatherproof Shield, and the second allows the player to build their own Neo Tower using in-game pre-structured sets.

Another novelty that was announced by Epic Games this season was the Fortbytes. There are 100 chips made available daily on the map for the player, which brings together rewards and fundamental parts of the story of this ninth season.




Fortnite Season 9 is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can play the mobile version on mobile phones on Android and iPhone (IOS).


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Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame

Fortnite Avengers crossover

In the same week as the worldwide release of Avengers: Endgame, Fortnite announces once more a crossover with Marvel’s Universe. The movie, that is the last from the Avengers franchise and will bring an end to wholesome characters, will be released by April 25th, 2019. By the time this article was released, we are at less than a 48-hour countdown to the Avengers premiere.

Fortnite and Avengers: Infinity War

Epic Games has once made a crossover with the movie Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, with an alternative Battle Royale mode, where players would battle against each other to conquer the Infinity Gauntlet, and whoever had control of the gauntlet, would transform into Thanos. The announcement picture had fans in the edge, already anxious about the movie release, that hit the record of 258 million dollars on opening weekend. If you wish to know how was the Fortnite + Avengers: Infinity War, watch the video in the end of this post.

Fortnite and avengers
Crossover Fortnite and Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Endgame and Battle Royal

Unfortunately, it is not clear if the new Fortnite and Avengers event will follow the same path as its predecessor. But the event will be playable by April 25th, at the same day as the movie premiere. All we’ve got so far is a picture that gathers Captain America’s shield and Fortnite’s Universe. We hope and root for ti to be a success, such as the 2018 Infinity War event.

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