How to fix: Black Desert lag

black desert lag

There’s no worse nightmare for MMO players than the dreadful Black Desert lag. In a game that’s based on fast skill casting, battles between players and time dedicated activities such as fishing, or horse training, having a high BDO ping can be fatal for character development.

Even with more Black Desert servers being established worldwide, its community still have complaints about lagging while playing the Korean MMO. Check how to improve your Black Desert lag in this post.

Check BDO’s recommended system

Black Desert Online is without a doubt one of the best MMOs when it comes to its to character creation system. Its custom creation, with amazing graphics, makes your character as realistic as possible, inside an open world just as real.

Thing is, this intensity in reality and beautiful graphics require much more of your computer’s system than regular games.  You must check in as listed below what are the minimum requirements your computer must have to run BDO.

Processor Intel Core i5-650
OS Windows 7 or better
Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 970, AMD RX 480
Dedicated RAM 4096MB

In case your computer does not have the minimum requirements, consider to update some of its pieces.

Execute a ping test

There are innumerous websites that are able to calculate your Internet’s speed, but the ideal way is to directly test your computer’s by executing the Command Prompt’s application.

  1. Open up your Windows Menu and type “cmd”

    Command Prompt
    Command Prompt
  2. Type “ping” and press enter

    ipconfig command
    ipconfig command
  3. Save your IP number

    IP Number
    IP Number
  4. For your next command, type “ping” + your IP number
    "ping + IP number" command
    “ping + IP number” command

    The ideal ping for Black Desert player’s it’s about 50ms. The smaller, the better!

Close unnecessary programs

Fps lag in Black Desert can be a result of open programs that keep running in the background of your computer, which makes it harder for the game to be executed smoothly. Open your Task Manager application and close programs that consume your RAM and are being used neither by you nor Black Desert.

Task Manager Application
Task Manager Application

You’ll be surprised by how much your computer’s performance might improve just by executing the Task Manager Application.

Change your Graphics Settings

This change you can do it at the game settings, or at you NVIDIA/AMD application. Changing graphics might be what your computer requires for a better gaming experience. This step will help you with FPS lag, and not connection lag. But if your computer does not have the minimum requirements to run BDO smoothly, as listed before in this article, lowering graphics quality might do the trick. Watch the video we selected specially to help you with graphics settings.  You do not need to watch the entire video, the graphics settings step-by-step end by 19:08.

Make sure your Internet is up and running

Sometimes the problem isn’t on your computer, but it might be in your Internet connection. The best way to connect when playing online games is through cable, a direct line between your machine and your modem. Avoid playing online games on wireless networks, especially when you share your Internet with more people. Ethernet connection is the best against Black Desert high latency.

Ethernet Connection
Ethernet Connection

Improve your Black Desert lag with NoPing

NoPing has a powerful tool against high Black Desert Online lag. Most of the time game servers choose a bad route for your connection, which makes it a bad experience for their clients. With NoPing, Black Desert high ping will no longer be a problem.

NoPing better Black Desert lag
NoPing routing

Searching for a better connection between players and game servers, NoPing ensures lag reduction for Black Desert Online through a multi connection routing system that operates automatically. While you play online with lower ping and more safety, NoPing keeps alternative routes to keep you online in case the main route suffers with any problems. Check our plans here, or use our 7-day trial.

improve black desert lag
NoPing Black Desert lag Improvement

Written by Gabriela Thaller

How to fix: ArcheAge lag


About ArcheAge

Before talking of ArcheAge lag, let’s understand a little more about the game. Having its release in 2013 in Korea, ArcheAge is an MMO “sandpark”, which means that its content is an open world sandbox, but with a gaming structure with the experience of a theme park.

ArcheAge is beloved by many players that have fun with the most unexpected experiences. All the way from the classic MMO combat, grinding, farming, housing and crafting, to the possibility of criminal charging acts from players, by being a judge or a jury, ArcheAge has become an icon for the massively multiplayer online community.

Yet, it was not a few times that the game has left players hanging by their server problems. High ArcheAge lag is a common problem and, with this post, you’ll learn how to fix ArcheAge lag.

Computer’s minimum requirements

It is extremely important that your computer has at least the minimum requirements ArcheAge needs to run smoothly. Every year games are released with new gamer technology, and they require more from our computer. This demand is also noticed by game updates. It is necessary to find out what are your system settings and compare it with the minimum requirements listed below to see if your computer has what it takes to run ArcheAge, and if not, check what pieces need to be changed or updated. Also know that there are gamer laptops you can buy that have better settings for games and videos than  the usual.

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64×2
OS Windows Vista
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 8400 or Intel HD Graphics  3000

Change your graphics settings

If you’re dealing with a graphics lag and not a connection lag, which occurs very often specially if your computer does not have the minimum requirements recommended for playing the game as seen before, you might want to try the step-by-step video below. You do not need to watch the entire video, the graphics settings part starts at 10:10,

Be aware that if you lower graphics settings, you might lose some texture qualities, and this problem might not involve latency, but having a better computer performance will help to deal with ArcheAge overall.

Task Manager

Another way to improve overall ArcheAge latency is by making sure that there’s no background program running while you play. Open your Task Manager and close unused programs that might be harming your computer’s performance. This step is another way to lower graphics lag because most of the times the problem is in the quantity of open programs in the background that are not at all related with the game and end up consuming our system, prejudicing the game’s performance.

Task Manager Application
Task Manager Application

Besides that, choose a wired connection when dealing with ArcheAge lag. Playing online games on a wireless and unstable connection is a guarantee that you’ll have high ArcheAge ping. Ethernet cable connection is safer and has a better response time than Wi-Fi. If even so you still have difficulties with high latency on online games, find out if the problem isn’t with you Internet provider. 

Ethernet Connection
Ethernet Connection

NoPing against ArcheAge lag!

NoPing routing
NoPing routing

NoPing will lower ArcheAge lag by searching for a better connection between game servers and you, by using our multi connection program, you’ll have better gaming experience, lower ArcheAge ping and eliminate ArcheAge connection problems. With NoPing you’ll not only have faster connection, but will always have more than one available Internet route through our multi connection routing system. Which means that while you play at the best available route we created for you,  we will also maintain secondary routes that have similar connection speed to the first one. In case of any interference at the main route, you’ll be automatically sent for a secondary route, without losing connection while playing. Learn more about our plans here or use our 7-day trial.

NoPing ArcheAge lag improvement
NoPing ArcheAge lag improvement

Written by Gabriela Thaller


On Wednesday, the 12th, the Korean server of Blade and Soul received a new class. The twelfth class, called the Archer, was announced on the official South Korean site of the game in mid-May. NCSoft disclosed the cinematic of the class, presenting a part of the story to the players. To get into the hype of this release and play Blade and Soul without encountering problems during the game, follow the tips below and get better performance in the MMO:



The MMO has beautiful graphics, but your computer might not have what it needs for the game to run smoothly. Gamer market has grown so much you can easily find the necessary pieces for updating your computer. You can also look for gamer laptops, those are always being released with the most recent technology for current games. Find out what are your  computer’s settings, and compare it with the system requirements list below.

Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel Dual Core / AMD Athlon 64×2 Intel Quad Core / AMDPhenom II x4
RAM XP: 2GB / Vista, Win7: 3GB 4GB or higher
Graphics card nVidia Geforce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD4600 nVidia Geforce 8800GT / AMD Radeon HD4850
HD 22GB 22GB or higher
OS Windows XP (SP3) 32bit Win7 (64bit)
DirectX 9.0c 9.0c


It is always good to check through your Task Manager which programs may be in the background consuming your system. Close programs that are not being used by you or Blade and Soul. Alternatively running Task Manager is another way to ensure that both the graphics and the connection lag can be optimized, after all, you can close programs that are not only consuming your operating system but also consume your Internet.

Task Manager
Task Manager




So you can improve your Blade and Soul ping, make sure that your Internet is working properly. Sometimes it might not be a problem with the game server, but with your Internet provider, which means that it is an isolated problem that can be only fixed by you.

Ethernet Connection
Ethernet Connection



To achieve even better performance in your gameplay, use NoPing. In addition to having advanced support for Blade and Soul, the software offers the best routes for servers around the world. Thus, in the middle of the game there is no risk of disconnects due to high ping.


Blade and Soul lag



1. Create an account at NoPing

2. Download the software through the website and install the program


3. Search for “BNS” in the left sidebar and click the game icon



4. Select the server and expect to optimize 100%


5. Open the game normally and notice the difference in your ping

Blade and Soul sem lag



Unravel the mysteries of this mythological universe and defeat the enemies who dare to pester your peace. With reduced ping, you can win epic wins in Blade & Soul.

Try it now for 7 days for free and know our plans.




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